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Ed Mundell signature INFINITY FUZZ PEDAL

Ed Mundell signature INFINITY FUZZ PEDAL


SOLD OUT - WAIT LIST AS OF NOV 2023---EMAIL for waiting list!

New and improved! Ed Mundell’s signature fuzz pedal the Infinity Fuzz! Hybrid silicon and germanium fuzz face style with adjustable bottom end. Lots of output. Sweet clean up with the volume control. Go from a tight lows to full wool with the bottom control. Hand selected vintage transistor pairs. Internal bias control. Charge pump provides proper ground reference for circuit and lets you combine power supplies with common negative ground effects. #creepyfingerseffects #edmundell #infinityfuzz #fuzzface #germanium #monstermagnet #atomicbitchwax #theultraelectricmegagalactic #TheUEMG 

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    Can be used with a 9 volt battery or with AC outlet.
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