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Guitarist / Songwriter: Ed Mundell

Ed Mundell is a rock guitarist / songwriter best known for his psychedelic guitar work with the stoner rock group Monster Magnet from  1992 to 2010 and as the founder of The Atomic Bitchwax, The Ultra Electric Mega Galactic (The UEMG) and 9 Chambers.


Bio- Early Years

Mundell is a self-taught guitar player who grew up in New Jersey as part of the early stoner rock scene.  

Ed joined New Jersey band Monster Magnet as lead guitarist in 1992.  

His first recorded appearance with the Monster Magnet was 1992's single "Evil", B/ "Elephant Bell".

In the span of 18 years he played on seven Monster Magnet albums, contributing to the bands only certified Gold Album "Powertrip".

As a side project when not touring with Monster Magnet,  Ed founded

"The Atomic Bitchwax" cutting the first 3 iconic albums as songwriter and guitarist.

In the fall of 2010, Mundell left Monster Magnet to "collaborate with new producers, songwriters and musicians".  Ed launching the band 

9 CHAMBERS with Vinny Appice, Jorgen Carlson and Greg Hampton.

In 2011, Ed reformed his 2006 side project, "The Ultra Electric Mega Galactic", (THE UEMG), whose debut all instrumental  album released January  2013.   A follow up five song extended EP, "Through the Dark Matter" was released in 2014.  

Recently Ed contributed to the children's space Rock album BUNNY RACKET IN SPACE with Brant Bjork & Andy Walker, as well as contributing on albums by WAXXY, ABRAHMA, SASQUATCH, SNAIL, SWAMP DOGG,

THE FREEKS, VOLUME and many more.

2024 has Ed back in the studio working on THE ULTRA ELECTRIC MEGA GALACTIC third album.

Currently, Ed Mundell actively contributes to various recordings and soundtracks as a studio musician based in Los Angeles.

Guitarist Ed Mundell stoner Rock God
Guitarist Ed Mundell Magazine cover
Guitarist Ed Mundell in studio
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