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The MOOG Voyager Performance edition....

Custom metal body"Pilot" guitar by HELLIVER Germany

The Ed Mundell signature.......


by Creepy Fingers


PHASE 2 Edition now available 2022

email :

The Infinity Fuzz is a hybrid silicon and germanium fuzz circuit.
It features the smoothness and texture of germanium but with the aggressiveness and temperature stability of silicon.
The circuit features tons of fuzz but also cleans up into a detailed sparkly crunch when the fuzz is backed off. It's tuned for lots of low end while also having clarity in the top end.

$219. US plus shipping

Ed Mundell proudly endorses Dean Markley strings and InTune guitar pics

The newest member of the band...a 1975 Gibson Doubleneck....

infinity fuzz ed mundell.jpg

My recording studio pedal board

Vintage Echoplex...

I  found this "Angry Angus" guitar in has become one of my favorites...

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